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People often say they haven't yet found a good dictionary to interpret their dreams, signs and symbols. The Source Code brings a whole new vision to the subject and has become one of the most important reference books in this field in our time. The Dictionary is written by Kaya, one of today's most eminent specialists in dream interpretation, assisted by over 100 of his students, who are doctors, psychologists, nurses, therapists, linguists, teachers and specialists in many fields and in many different countries.

The Dictionary, Dreams-Signs-Symbols: The Source Code (English)

  • A book presenting the + and of each symbol... The Dictionary, Dreams-Signs-Symbols, The Source Code, helps us discover, in great depth, over 892 pages, the most common words in dreams and signs. Each word is analyzed in detail with its physical and metaphysical characteristics, and a synthesis defining the + and of each symbol is included. This provides the reader with an analytical, understandable vision of the various different possible interpretations. Just one word may occupy 2 or 3 explanatory pages, which makes this Dictionary very complete from all points of view. Readers will also find a detailed introduction explaining dream mechanics as well as the multiple angles and subtleties of dream and sign interpretation.

    This book, destined for the general public as well as doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists, offers a new vision and has become the reference in this field. Kaya shares with us in the introduction of the Dictionary that through dreams, we enter the very heart of our memories, our potential, and the probabilities of what we may become.

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