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Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy &
Pyramid Valley International

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Spiritual Science Foundation
Certificate Program - Level 1

Feb. 19th & 20th, 2022
10am to 5pm IST

About the Course

  • The course is detailed  and based on a syllabus.

  • The subjects are authoritative and can be quoted in any international forum.

  • The PSSA is duly registered in India and qualified to teach Yoga Education as an affiliate of Bangalore University, Government of Karnataka, India for their courses.


 1. To introduce the fundamentals of Spiritual Science.

 2. To instill commitment to Meditation & Spiritual Science.

 3. To be clear about the concepts of emotions.

 4. To arouse positivity and togetherness in life.

 5. To eliminate fear psychosis of life.

 6. And of course to communicate to others with confidence.

Program Content

➢  Types of Sciences in Yogic lore

➢  Divine Matrix

➢  Defining God

➢  Meditation Technology

➢  Analysis of "I" & "You"– “Me” & “My Body” – “He, She & It”

➢  Illusion and Delusion

➢  Sources of Energy – Kundalini – Energy Wheels

➢  Cause & Effect –  Yoga Karmasu Kaushalam – Renunciation – Results & Rewards

➢  Enlightenment – Self Realization – Pearls of Wisdom

➢  Happiness Analysis

➢  Vegetarianism

➢  Managerial Dynamics in Administration of Men And Matter

➢  Money & Spiritual Science

➢  Domestic Tranquility

➢  We are Beautiful Flowers

➢  No Blame Game



Dr. B. Sivaramappa, Ph.D. Yoga
Vice Chairman & Managing Director, PSSA

 Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy (PSSA), Bengaluru, a registered spiritual Trust is a wing of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) ( was founded for solely spreading the ancient wisdom of Meditation and Spiritual Science among the people for their overall holistic spiritual development. We are working nationally and internationally for bringing global understanding of Meditation and Spiritual Science.

Spiritual Science Courses:

 PSSA is engaged in bringing spiritual awareness among all by conducting courses, classes, conferences, workshops and discourses countrywide and worldwide.
Courses were conducted in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Cairo, Alexandria in Egypt, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town in South Africa, Hoch Minh City, Hanoi in Vietnam, Shanghai in China etc.

 The courses are of short-term with certificates in Meditation and Spiritual Science covering general public, corporate houses, Industrial workers etc. including Spiritual Science Training Courses and for teachers and children separately.

 The courses are free from religious cult, creed, and caste. They are universally acceptable and designed to bring about harmony, non-violence, and co-existence among the people of this planet.

Fresh Ventures:

 The Academy has received affiliation from the Bangalore University for Courses in PG Diploma and Certificate Courses in Yoga Studies. These courses have commenced from the academic year 2018-2019 with Pyramid Valley International as the college campus (


 We wish to mention that in recognition of our services in this field of spirituality, we were presented an award by Confederation of Educational Excellence, New Delhi under the category “Contribution to Value Education”. Further to our credit, we have been awarded the ISO 9001-2008 for our systematized working system.


 Our goal is to spread MEDITATION AND SPIRITUAL SCIENCE to one and all across the globe in order to move society towards harmony, co-existence, non-violence, love and peace.