¤±ÀÑ®ªÁVj. ¤ªÀÄä£ÀÄß ¤ÃªÀÅ Cj¬Äj
Join 7-day
¤±ÀÑ®vÉ »AZÀ®£É (¹Ö¯ï£É¸ï jÃnæÃmï)
@ Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru
Sept. 12th to 19th 2021


Rediscover and Renew yourself through Stillness, Silence & Service
  • ¥Àæw¢£À 7 UÀAmÉUÀ¼À zsÁå£À
  • 4 ¢£ÀUÀ¼ÀÄ ¸ÀA¥ÀÆtð ªÀiË£À
  • ¥Àæw¢£À 2 UÀAmÉUÀ¼À PÁ® ±ÀæªÀÄzÁ£À/¸ÉêÉ
  • ¥Àæw¢£À 2 UÀAmÉUÀ¼À eÁÕ£À «¤ªÀÄAiÀÄUÉÆö×
Program highlights :
  • 7 hours of meditation every day
  • 4 days of complete silence / mouna
  • 2 hours of seva / shramadhaan every day
  • 2 hours of wisdom sessions every day

Program rules & criteria:

  • All participants must be older than 16 years and sufficiently fit to be able to move around the campus comfortably.

  • All participants should be able to stay away from mobile phones & internet for the entire 7-day duration of the program.

  • All participants should stay committed to the sadhana for the whole 7 days, and follow the timings strictly.

  • All participants should be prepared to sit in meditation for 2-3 hours continuously.

  • Wisdom sessions will be conducted in Kannada. 

  • Mobile phones and other digital devices will have to be surrendered for safekeeping on the first day and will be returned on the last day of the retreat.

  • Only emergency calls will be allowed from a separate / dedicated number at specified times on non-silence days

Registration process:


Block your slot for this retreat by paying your accommodation charges. Food is provided FREE. Total number of participants is limited to 60. You can choose between available accommodation options. More info on accommodation is available at https://pyramidvalley.org/accommodation.


Amount for accommodation for all the 7-days:

  • Dormitory (separate for Gents, Ladies): Rs 2500 per person

  • Double occupancy Standard rooms (limited) : Rs 4000 per person

  • Single occupancy Deluxe rooms (limited): Rs 10000 per person

  • Single occupancy Luxury rooms : Rs 15000 per person

  • Double occupancy Luxury rooms : Rs 8000 per person

​Free dormitory accommodation is available on request - for the eligible. Please call +91 8147093627, 28 to place your request.

Consider your payment receipt as a your confirmation. You will receive a phone call and an email explaining more details on the program approximately 10 days before the start of the program.

As per current requirements for resident guests, participants will have to show their vaccination certificate or a negative RT-PCR report (taken before 48hours of entry) at the time of checking in for the retreat. 

NOTE: According to current (August) guidelines from Karnataka government, all persons entering Karnataka from out of state must show a negative RT-PCR test report (taken 48-hours or less before entry) to enter Karnataka.