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June 16th - 22nd

Discover the Joy of Abundance in your Life
Program Highlights

Understand and Practice tools and techniques based on Movement, Breathwork, Meditation and Diet.

This Experience-based Program will help you​​

  • Elevate Your Life with Pyramid Meditation Programme

  • Unlock your full potential and transform your life 

  • Revitalize your body and achieve peak physical health

  • Find peace and clarity of mind for optimal mental health

  • Connect with your inner self and discover spiritual growth

  • Develop a strong sense of self-awareness for personal growth

  • Build lasting relationships in family, corporates and society

  • Don't settle for less - take the first step towards a fulfilling life​

Program Objectives & Activities

The program will focus on following key objectives through the activites / methods mentioned below.
1. Physical Health Improvement

  • Morning yoga / stretching sessions

  • Guided walk / hike in nature

  • Nutritious & tasty meals and snacks

  • Workshop on impact of Sleep 

2. Mental Clarity and Mental Health

  • Mindfulness meditation practice

  • Workshop on stress reduction techniques & coping mechanisms for managing anxiety

  • Art & creative writing activities for self-expression & emotional awareness

  • Journaling exercises

3. Spiritual Health and Growth

  • Guided meditation / visualization practices

  • Understanding effect of spiritual practices like prayer, chanting or energy work

  • Workshop on connection between thoughts and emotions

  • Group discussion on personal beliefs and values

4. Personal Growth and Self-Awareness

  • Self-reflection exercises

  • Workshop on importance of setting healthy boundaries and saying 'no' appropriately

  • Group activities to promote empathy and understanding of others

  • Coaching on identifying and working towards personal goals

5. Relationships and Community Building

  • Group activities to promote team building and cooperation

  • Workshop on effective communication and conflict resolution strategies

  • Group acticities to promote bonding and connection

  • Discussion on importance of gratitude and appreciation in relationships

Program donation for all 7days based on the choice of accommodation:

  • Dormitory (separate for Gents, Ladies): Rs. 11000 per person

  • Twin Sharing, Standard rooms (limited) : Rs. 15700 per person

  • Single occupancy, Deluxe rooms (limited): Rs. 22000 per person

Program donation includes food, accommodation charges and venue costs. More info on the accommodation type, are available at number of participants is limited. Book your slot at the earliest.

Consider your payment receipt sent on your registered email as confirmation.

You will receive a phone call and an email explaining more details on the program approximately 3-days before the start of the program.

Program rules & criteria:

  • All participants must be older than 16 years and sufficiently fit to be able to move around the campus comfortably.

  • All participants should be able to stay away from mobile phones & internet for the entire 7-day duration of the program.

  • All participants should stay committed to the program for the whole 7 days, and follow the timings strictly.

  • All sessions and instructions will be in KANNADA

  • Mobile phones and other digital devices will have to be surrendered for safekeeping on the first day and will be returned on the last day of the retreat.

  • Only emergency calls will be allowed from a separate / dedicated number at specified times on non-silence days

  • All participants should follow current COVID-19 guidelines prescribed by the Goverment of Karnataka

  • All participants should check-in on June 16th '2pm' and check-out on June 22nd '4pm'


Meet Your Teacher

Shankar S Jagadal

Shankar S Jagadal, MA, Bed, BCT, PGDCT is a highly respected and experienced educationist, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in setting up and leading schools in Karnataka's Belgaum district and Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. Born in Bagalkot district of Karnataka, he has worked as a  principal and accomplished teacher for over two decades. In addition to his work in education, Shankar has a passion for organic farming and has been instrumental in setting up and running a gaushala at Pyramid Valley. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru.


Shankar is deeply interested in Indian philosophy and spirituality, and has absorbed the essence of several spiritual techniques through workshops and practice. This knowledge and expertise has culminated in the creation of a powerful program designed to help individuals tap into the joy of abundance. His "Joy of Abundance" program is designed to help individuals cultivate a mindset of abundance and prosperity, unlocking their full potential and creating a life of joy and fulfillment.


Shankar's engaging and insightful presentations help inspire audiences to embrace abundance and achieve their goals. His passion for education, organic farming, and spirituality has touched the lives of many, making him a respected and loved figure in the field.

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