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June 16th - 22nd

Discover the Joy of Abundance in your Life
Program Highlights

Understand and Practice tools and techniques based on Movement, Breathwork, Meditation and Diet.

This Experience-based Program will help you​​

  • Elevate Your Life with Pyramid Meditation Programme

  • Unlock your full potential and transform your life 

  • Revitalize your body and achieve peak physical health

  • Find peace and clarity of mind for optimal mental health

  • Connect with your inner self and discover spiritual growth

  • Develop a strong sense of self-awareness for personal growth

  • Build lasting relationships in family, corporates and society

  • Don't settle for less - take the first step towards a fulfilling life​

Program Objectives & Activities

The program will focus on following key objectives through the activites / methods mentioned below.
1. Physical Health Improvement

  • Morning yoga / stretching sessions

  • Guided walk / hike in nature

  • Nutritious & tasty meals and snacks

  • Workshop on impact of Sleep 

2. Mental Clarity and Mental Health

  • Mindfulness meditation practice

  • Workshop on stress reduction techniques & coping mechanisms for managing anxiety

  • Art & creative writing activities for self-expression & emotional awareness

  • Journaling exercises

3. Spiritual Health and Growth

  • Guided meditation / visualization practices

  • Understanding effect of spiritual practices like prayer, chanting or energy work

  • Workshop on connection between thoughts and emotions

  • Group discussion on personal beliefs and values

4. Personal Growth and Self-Awareness

  • Self-reflection exercises

  • Workshop on importance of setting healthy boundaries and saying 'no' appropriately

  • Group activities to promote empathy and understanding of others

  • Coaching on identifying and working towards personal goals

5. Relationships and Community Building

  • Group activities to promote team building and cooperation

  • Workshop on effective communication and conflict resolution strategies

  • Group acticities to promote bonding and connection

  • Discussion on importance of gratitude and appreciation in relationships

Program donation for all 7days based on the choice of accommodation:

  • Dormitory (separate for Gents, Ladies): Rs. 11000 per person

  • Twin Sharing, Standard rooms (limited) : Rs. 15700 per person

  • Single occupancy, Deluxe rooms (limited): Rs. 22000 per person

Program donation includes food, accommodation charges and venue costs. More info on the accommodation type, are available at www