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A Scientific Approach to Spiritual Transformation

Truth and wisdom are eternal; they transcend time and space. Yet the knowledge abut the soul and the purpose of life does not always reach the spiritual center of the man. The need to know remains the key driver of human’s aspirations for self-realization. Even so, equally important is the manner in which the story about spiritual journey is being told, from a Master to a seeker, and then from one seeker to another.

Mystical schools and traditions — from antiquity to modern days — have often veiled spiritual knowledge in abstruse and esoteric terminology. This was done to ensure that the highest truth is guarded from the unfit, and made available to but a few trustworthy initiates. As a result, the language used to preserve and communicate spiritual knowledge has mostly been allegorical and highly symbolic.

On the other hand, due to the advancements in technology and communication, the modern spiritual seeker has gained an unprecedented access to information and knowledge. One is now able to self-reliantly trod the path towards self-realization. On that journey, however, the old metaphysical language of spiritual processes and phenomena becomes an obstacle. Thus many seekers naturally gravitate towards Masters who use contemporary vocabulary to guide them.

‘Science has become the contemporary language of mysticism’ says Dr. Joe Dispenza. Today, the off-putting jargon of ancient spirituality is replaced by a more fitting terminology of modern science disciplines, such as quantum physics, electromagnetism, neuroscience, neuroendocrinology and epigenetics.

The promise of this new, eclectic spiritual discipline, is nothing short of a miracle. We are told that our behavior is not permanent, but capable of adaptation and change; and that the most powerful tool we possess is the process of learning. Research has shown that learning creates new synaptic connections in the brain. It also reveals ways in which we can maintain and upgrade this ‘neurological hardware’ through repetition, thinking, experiencing, and applying the acquired knowledge to new situations.

New experiences come as a result of choosing differently. It is thus necessary to align the body with the mind, and the behaviors with the intentions. New experiences lead to new life events, new neural networks get formed and enhanced, and those, in turn, generate new feelings and emotions — a biochemical release takes place. By repeating a certain type of experience sufficiently many times, the neural circuits responsible for the biochemical response get rewired/conditioned, and the process becomes automatic. Our thoughts and feelings trigger the expression of our genes, and as a result, the body begins to change its ‘genetic destiny.’ It is thus crucial to learn how to make choices which lead to positive experiences and feelings, such as peace, love, joy, happiness, freedom, abundance and connectedness.

The description above sounds like a recipe for positive transformation. Compared to it, the old alchemical formulas seem archaic and obsolete. The modern language of quantum science, epigenetics and neuroscience has become more convincing to those committed to their inner work. It resonates better with the needs and sensibilities of the modern spiritual seeker.

~ Based on the book ‘Mind to Matter’ by Dawson Church~

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