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Updated: Apr 29, 2021

When the mind is calm, we experience clarity. By stilling the dialogue in the mind we develop acute perception, attention to detail (sharp focus & concentration) and robust cognitive skills. This, in turn, brings confidence into our life. We begin to navigate the challenges of life with greater ease, no longer treating them as obstacles, but as opportunities to grow, improve and be successful at everything we do.

It is said that Dalai Lama once asked a group of psychotherapists from the West about the most common condition suffered by their patients. The response was univocal — a lack of self-esteem. A lack of self-esteem often leads to unfulfilled potentials, unrecognized talents, social withdrawal, and feelings of shame and regret. It is a reason for unfulfilled dreams and aspirations. Fortunately, there is meditation as one of the best spiritual tools that can help gain clarity, and consequently turn self-doubt into unshakable confidence.

By understanding the direct link between clarity and confidence, we can easily overcome a feeling of insecurity by engaging in activities that bring clarity. But what is it that clarity can bring to us? Clarity helps to identify our primary drivers, our purpose and goals; to design a plan of action; to strategize, reflect and self-assess our strengths and weaknesses; to optimize the use of our energy and resources; to understand our role(s) within the relationships we have with others and with the society at large; to remain focused and determined — and much more.

Confidence always come from within — it is a form of self-reliance. Confidence stems from that trust in our own capabilities, in our judgment and our determination. However, is important to be aware that real and lasting confidence is an outcome of diligent inner work through meditation and spirituality. In contrast, the appearance of confidence gained through superficial self-help and morale-boosting techniques that promise immediate results is usually short-lived. Such a confidence is easily shattered the minute we come across our next ordeal.

The truly confident individuals are always centered and authentic, and they assume genuine responsibility over their own life circumstances. Confidence is always empowering. Confident people rely on their self-power, harnessed through stillness, mindfulness and meditation.

Once you gain clarity, and that clarity brings confidence into your life, you also become much better at making decisions and acting upon them. You are no longer stuck in unproductive situations or toxic relationships. The clarity of your vision allows you to gain a bird-view perspective, and to act towards achieving any life goal.

Through meditation, we start mastering our mind. We no longer allow random, repeating and habitual thoughts shape our state of being and cloud our judgment. By overcome our limiting thought-patterns, we gain mental clarity. We also heal and clear the heart center, and start replacing emotional dependency (and seeking constant approval from others) by self-love. This is a truly empowering process that eliminates any feeling of low self-esteem, and brings forth a genuine sense of self-worth and confidence.

Clarity gained through meditation, mindful living and spiritual wisdom helps us heal from past traumas, failures, and internalized feelings of inadequacy. We release negative energy blocks that are holding us back. We overcome limiting beliefs and open up to the field of unlimited potential. We become balanced, centered and open to life. We become better at recognizing the right time and place to act. We face and overcome our fears. We elevate our mood. We start to attract new people, events and circumstances into our life, with confidence and grace.

It is often said that confidence equals belief — in our own strength, skills, talents, capacity and ability. However, belief (especially if blind), can be a vague and sometimes misleading word to be linked to confidence. It might be better to say that confidence is about knowing — or being certain — in one’s own competence. When one is clear about what they want, they do not keep changing their goals and their plans. They also find it easier to stay motivated. Their progress is certain, even at times when they experience slowdowns, unexpected obstacles or delays. They celebrate every milestone and do not get distracted. Clarity of vision is their greatest asset.

Finally, the confidence gained through clarity shines light onto the fact that we are never isolated. We are part of the whole. And as long as we seek partners and allies, build great synergies in our environment and act with empathy, we gain more personal power and strengthen our confidence. We enter a positive loop. By trusting ourselves, we also begin to learn to trust others. We grow together. We no longer avoid opportunities, not shun changes, out of fear of failure. We do not see enemies and competition everywhere. We become ready to seek help, guidance, or support from others as much as we are ready to offer our own, and thus continue to grow and become more loving family members, more capable professionals, and better humans.

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