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Creating Reality Using The Energy Fields of the Body

In the words of Nikola Tesla, energy, frequency and vibration conceal the secrets of the universe. Along similar lines, Dr. James Oschman, a physiologist, cellular biologist, and biophysicist, stated that ‘Energy is the currency in which all transactions in nature are conducted.’ There are three energy fields used in biological signaling: light, electricity and magnetism. All cells emit photons. Neurons conduct electrical impulses, and this electrical activity creates an energy field around the brain which can be measured using MRI and EEG.

Furthermore, our body continuously interacts with other energy fields outside itself. For example, each of us has an electromagnetic field which stretches five yards (~5 meters) around our body. Therefore, whenever two people meet, their energy fields interact. An energy-based communication takes place between them, even when there is no visible interaction. This energy interaction also takes place at cellular level. It has been shown that the microtubules, intercellular structures which constitute the cell’s cytoskeleton and are responsible for the shape of the cell, act like antennae capable of receiving signals from energy fields.

Light Workers, Shamans and Energy Healers have long based their practice on this same premise that our personal energy fields conduct information and are capable of interacting, even at a distance. There are innumerable accounts of distance healing, where traditional healers, unconfined by time and space, have healed patients by effectively directing their consciousness. Scientific experiments have confirmed that certain individuals have the ability, through their ‘therapeutic touch’, to cause in plants higher germination and growth rates, longer stems, as well as increased chlorophyll content.

To use an IT analogy, the brain acts as hardware, the mind as software, and the signals travel along the neural pathways towards the universal field. ‘Compelling body of evidence shows that consciousness — directed by intention, working through energy fields — can produce radical changes in matter,’ states Dawson Church, and highlights a few direct implications:

• While often a gift, energy healing is also a technique that can be learned.

• When a new idea is born, it travels — in the form of signals — through the neural pathways of the brain, changing the energy field of our body. Our energy field interacts with the energy fields of others. Thus a single idea can trigger a change in the world.

• Creative people prefer an inside-out flow of information — they are active producers, rather than passive consumers of information.

• Guard your mind against negative input — by constantly directing your attention to problems and imperfections, your mind creates a subjective, stress-filled reality.

• The matter of your cells responds to the energy of your consciousness — feed it with uplifting and inspirational thoughts, ideas and beliefs, in order to create a positive, stress-free, and abundant reality.

So, electromagnetic fields exist around all living beings. However, a surprising scientific finding is the existence of some sort of a ‘electromagnetic sense’ — an ability of many species, including insects, worms, hummingbirds and dolphins, to detect the energy fields of other species. For example, bumblebees are able to perceive information from the energy fields of the flowers, and thus optimize their pollination.

When we move magnets beneath a sheet of paper, the iron fillings scattered on the surface rearrange along the magnetic field lines. Fields rearrange, or shape matter. It is important to remember this fact when we think about the electromagnetic fields around every single cell of our body, and the process of protein synthesis. Matter arranges itself into the building blocks of life along the lines of force of these energy fields. Rather than being seen as a byproduct of matter, energy is that which organizes matter.

Through extensive research, the renowned biologist Dr. Harold Saxton Burr was able to detect, in both animals and humans, an ‘electromagnetic signature of disease’ before the actual appearance of detectable cellular change. Energy healing studies by Dr. William Bengston have demonstrated that the energy fields of healer’s hands can change cellular enzyme catalysis and can increase the content of hemoglobin.

Traditional medicine techniques of many Eastern schools are based on the knowledge about acupuncture meridians and points. Their stimulation are low-resistance (high-conductance) points on the body which, when properly stimulated, allow energy to flow easily through them, facilitating healing. Using a galvanometer, one can demonstrate that the acupoints have only 1/2,000th of the resistance of the surrounding skin area. Millions of people around the world actively use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) based on tapping acupoints along body’s meridians, to treat depression, anxiety and PTSD.

About 70% of the human body is made up of water. Rigorous scientific studies have found that a ‘therapeutic touch’ of a healer, or passing specific frequencies, can significantly alter the molecular structure of water. The Chinese qigong master Xin Yan has even been able to affect water at a distance, changing the molecular structure of a water sample 1,900 km away. The famous Stuttgart Experiment has shown that every person makes a unique impact on the structure of water droplets. This is consistent with the fact that everyone’s energy field is unique. Through thousands of images of ice crystals, Masaru Emoto has documented the power of consciousness to change the molecular structure of water. By exposing samples of water to different types of vibrations (words, music and even photographs), he demonstrated dramatic differences in the symmetry and aesthetics of the resulting ice crystals.

In conclusion, Dawson Church offers a few takeaway points:

• Energy underlines the form taken by matter — energy fields form the templates around which matter condenses.

• When you change your energy field, your cells respond, and you body changes, too.

‘The mind controls the chi (life energy) and the blood (the matter of the body) follows the chi’ (traditional Chinese medicine saying).

• Vibrations can change the configuration of material objects dramatically and immediately.

• Flooding your body and mind with healing vibrations leads to elevated states. Discordant vibrations are detrimental to your wellbeing.

• Working at the level of energy frees you from the ‘tyranny of matter.’

~Based on the book ‘Mind to Matter’ by Dawson Church~

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