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How to Increase Thought Power

Though meditation, we get access to cosmic energy, which is food for our Mind and for our Soul. However, we should ask ourselves: For what purpose are we spending that energy? What kind of things do we want to achieve in our lives? Analyze your thoughts, understand what kind of thoughts you have about your life. Without changing a negative outlook, you cannot start manifesting the things you desire in your life. Once you develop positive thoughts, you can direct all the energy which you gain through meditation into manifesting that which you desire in your life. Thoughts are like seeds in the soil — you need to keep watering them in order to see them germinate, grow and produce fruits. Similarly, once you have set right thoughts, every time you meditate, you will manifest your desires.

By understanding the science behind the thought power, we can change your thoughts and then change our reality. Negative thoughts result in negative reality. 95% of our thoughts are either about our past or present. Meditation enables us to start living in the present. Most of our present thoughts are negative thoughts, and as such, they are obstacles to achieving whatever we want in life. The negative thoughts are barriers to manifestation.

When we are in meditation, we live in awareness, and we begin to understand whether certain thoughts are useful or harmful. Then we start correcting ourselves. Do not dissipate the cosmic energy which you gain though meditation. Instead, focus that energy on a single thought/intention, till you realize it. The thought will become a reality. We become masters of our own minds. Regular meditation purifies our thoughts, and changes them from negative or disastrous, into positive or miraculous.

The advantage of meditation is that we start living in the positive. We replace a single negative thought by several positive thoughts, and we start living in a reality of unlimited possibilities. Once we identify the gap between our expectations and our reality, we will be able to change our life circumstances. Through meditation we gain energy (meditation is to us what fuel is to a car). We all have brilliant minds, but we must know how to use the brilliant mind in our lives to benefit our own selves. The mind is the greatest gift of the Universe.

When we want to succeed in life, we usually need to first experience some failures — those are the challenges in our life. Everything that has happened, is happening, or will happen in our life, is because of our thoughts. In each and every aspect of your life, our thoughts matter a lot. If you do not understand that, even meditation will not produce the results you wish to see. Our thoughts create our reality; therefore, you have to be very conscious of your thoughts. Meditation is the technique of bringing awareness into each and every moment of our life. As soon as you change from within, the outside reality will also change.

We have unlimited potential. But sometimes, even though we meditate and focus on manifesting a goal, we may not achieve it. In that situation, accept the message from the Universe that this particular goal does not match the purpose of your life. Make peace with it. Each and every moment think positively and miraculously, and see infinite possibilities. Do not question the Universe — leave it up to the Universe to find a way to manifest your desire. Just surrender — do not ask logical questions about how will the manifestation process take place.

The Law of Attraction is a wonderful technique. In order to manifest, you need to change your thoughts but also to reprogram your beliefs which you have established over many years. These beliefs are a result of what we have learnt from our parents, friends, neighbors, schools, and from the society at large. Our beliefs are not the Truth.

Meditation helps us in all aspects of life. If you start meditating, you will become very healthy. Whenever you are suffering from any physical or mental problem, you cannot overcome your challenges, nor can you fulfill your potential. But, instead of taking medicines to fix a health condition, you should rather change your mind.

You also have to be conscious about the information which you allow to enter your mind. For example, negative content received through the media and the violence-filled entertainment industry can cause conflict situations to manifest in our own life too. Do not let your mind become a dustbin. Speak positively, think positively, read and listen to positive information, so that your life begins to positively change. Do not accept information that generates fear. Focus on information that instills in you confidence. Fear causes many problems.

We attract everything in our life with our own knowledge and belief systems. We cannot blame anyone for what is happening in our lives. Like attracts like. That which we like, we keep attracting repeatedly. In the Law of Attraction, there are three rules: ask, believe and receive. Whatever you desire, write it on a piece of paper — that way, you will see the possibility of manifestation. Do not think about failures. You strengthen that, which you keep thinking about. Therefore, it is important to stop thinking negative thoughts. Otherwise, you risk attracting negative circumstances into your life. Change your focus. Journaling your positive intentions will help you to focus your intention.

Visualization is also very important. Imagine your wish has come true; visualize every detail about what it would look like, how you would feel, and the manner in which you would celebrate your success. Once you start believing and you surrender to the Universe, there will be no obstacles remaining on your path. The Universe is a Divine Mother. There are no failures in life, only challenges. Challenges come to us as a chance to learn the lesson. Until we learn the lesson, the challenges will keep coming.

About the Speaker: Ravindra Gunturi is a successful entrepreneur and an inspiring young leader. He attributes a lot of his success to the practice of meditation which he adopted 11 years ago. Through meditation he mastered manifestation techniques which he implements to effectively enhance his business and drive several meditation service projects. He has generously helped several youths and aspiring students to transform themselves through meditation and have successful and lucrative careers. He is the founder of i-One Techsolutions, a leading technology training Institute that imparts quality vocational training in the IT Industry and complements it with several life-transforming tools including meditation, manifestation & visualization. Mr. Ravindra is the Director of Bodhi Dharma Public School, founded in 2019 with the goal of introducing spirituality and meditation from childhood.

You can watch the two-part Masterclass series on How to Increase Thought Power hosted by Pyramid Valley International and conducted by Ravindra Gunturi here:

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