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Integrate Your Mind With Heart

Becoming Supernatural

There is a famous story about the great 11th century Tibetan Master Milarepa who lived in a cave on the Tibetan Plateau. Centuries later, the imprint of Milarepa’s hand on the stone wall of the cave can still be seen. The moment Milarepa pressed his hand onto the stone, the stone became malleable. Milarepa never thought he was different from the stone. He never thought of himself as being separate from the nature. The moment he realized that the stone was part of him and that he too was part of that stone, the communication between Milarepa and the stone started.

When we see such miraculous things, we suspect that this is an act of deceit. We do not believe, because the concept of quantum science or supernatural ability is not fitting our logic. We have been living in this hostile environment and we have been collecting negative information about the world. We have become just a reflection of the people whom we have come across in our life.

Do we have such faculties in our system (body, spiritual or higher body) to manifest such miraculous things? Yes, we do. But what is lacking in us to achieve that state of higher thinking? The only thing that is missing is the knowledge and practice of meditation. We are not able to think beyond the little, limiting knowledge, which we have gained through society. How to come out of this belief system, in order to understand our own supernatural abilities? The only answer is meditation.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has written the book ‘Becoming Supernatural.’ After the birth of Quantum Science, the old model of the atom was abandoned, and it was found that there is a nucleus at the center, surrounded by an electron cloud. The empty space within the atom is equal to 99.99999. The empty space means there is energy of the electron, in form of an electron cloud.

When a person is observing a particular electron in this electron cloud, that electron will start observing the observer, and it will move in a straight line. When the observer is not observing any electron, the electron will move randomly. It a single moment, the electron is able to appear in multiple places. This electron cloud has got its own intelligence. It is nothing but individual universal intelligence.

Whatever we see in the mirror is nothing but the physical matter, and we have identified ourselves as a physical matter. We do not even know that we are energy beings. What we see in the mirror is negligible. The amount of energy within the body is almost 100%. Technically, we are not physical bodies — we are purely energy beings.

The Chakra System and the Importance of Opening of the Heart Chakra

There are more than 100 trillion cells in the human body. Every cell has got a number of atoms, and every atom is almost empty — it is full of energy. Your body has got an infinite amount of energy. However, we have been trapped by our personality traits. We are addicted to them, and they completely block us with subconscious programming.

95% of our thoughts are related to the survival chakras (the three lower chakras). Muladhara Chakra is mostly concerned with thoughts, memories and feelings related to safety and security. When we have negative thoughts, the first chakra is getting blocked. The second chakra, Svadhisthana Chakra, is related to thoughts, feelings and memories of shame, guilt, unworthiness, victimization and disappointments. When we have emotions related to competition, control, impatience and ego, Manipura Chakra, our third chakra gets blocked. Our energy cannot pass through. The moment we get any negative thought, these three chakras automatically get blocked. We have to activate these three chakras by doing meditation.

When we transform negative to a positive emotion, and when we realize that we have been unknowingly creating thoughts which block our energy, in that moment we can eliminate that particular emotion from the root. If you remove the root-cause of any emotion, then that emotion becomes powerless. The energy that has been trapped in that particular thought or emotion gets released. Once the creative energy starts flowing, the belief system changes.

The lower three chakras are related to the personality. The upper three chakras are related to the Higher Self. The Heart Chakra (Anahata) is a junction between the lower and the higher chakras. In meditation we get energy, and the energy starts moving upwards, toward Anahata. However, people are mostly stuck in a stress state. They are caught in the survival chakras. Their aura shrinks. Whenever we feel safe and relaxed, our Heart Chakra starts pulsating, and we feel more energy and light. We draw more energy from the Universe. Once we start meditating regularly, the intention we make (for health, peace or abundance), together with the Higher Energy, will start passing through our Energy Body, and we will get liberated from the lower three chakras. Our Third Eye will also get activated.

When we feel more matter and less energy, our magnetic field is decreased and the aura shrinks. When we feel more energy than matter, then all the chakras get activated, and the the body becomes a strong magnet. Only after you have moved beyond the lower three chakras, you may establish a connection with your Higher Self. When we start meditating, when the lower three chakras get activated, the kundalini energy starts rising towards Saharara. Through meditation, a torus field gets created around the physical body. Its strength will increase through meditation.

When we have a limited or negative thought, our heart creates incoherent vibration. We are staying with the base emotions. Heart always resonates always more with higher emotions. With negative thoughts, the heart starts producing a negative vibration. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are creating electro-magnetic signature. With the combination of the thought (in our mind) and the feeling (in our heart), we are creating either coherent or incoherent brain waves.

A negative electromagnetic signature will create a particular type of a program in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the medium between us and the quantum field. The electromagnetic signature which you have sent thought your subconscious mind will reach the quantum field. The quantum field will then find the exact matching electromagnetic signature, and will start manifesting in your life.

Incoherent signature will create disease in your body and unpleasant situations in your life. You will always be swinging between your past and your future. On the other hand, if you have a positive thought, the intention paired with higher emotion will make the Heart Chakra vibrate. We can create pleasant situations in our life and good health.

On the Soul’s journey, the Heart is very important. The heart is connected to the Higher Self. It is not only supplying blood through the body — it is also connecting you to your Higher Self. Competitiveness starts from childhood, and that competitiveness turns into stress. We spend less time on higher emotions — gratitude, happiness, powerfulness, confidence. Most of the time, we are feeling base emotions (survival emotions of anger, frustration, worthlessness etc.).

The heart is about 100,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. When you are in a safe, balanced and happy situation, the heart becomes very healthy. It creates coherent brain waves, and in turn, you will start manifesting whatever positive things you desire in your life.

About the Speaker: Mr. Vamsi Krishna is from Chennai. He began his meditation journey in 2002. He is a meditation teacher by passion, and he has taught thousands of people about the benefits of meditation. A civil engineer by profession, he has dedicated his life to building pyramids throughout the world, and supporting the PSSM mission. He has built a huge pyramid in Bali, Indonesia. He has also constructed pyramids in Malaysia, as well as many pyramids across India.

The talk about Integrating Mind and Heart, delivered by Mr. Vamsi Krishna, is the second in the Masterclass series on Becoming Supernatural. The video can be watched here:

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