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Science of Past Life Regression

The Importance of Past-Life Regression

It is not only possible, but also very important, for everyone to know their past lives. Buddha himself saw more than 300 of his past lives during his first meditation. Past Life Regression is about going into a deep/altered state of consciousness. In that state, many people can see their past lives. Regular practice of meditation facilitates the process of remembering past lives. In the spiritual quest, we should start knowing who we are. Knowing who we are begins by knowing our past, since 98% of our present lifetime is a consequence of our past lifetimes.

There are three ways of getting to know your past lives. The first one is through a regular practice of meditation. The pyramid is a storehouse of energy. If you meditate long enough inside a pyramid, you will definitely be able to see some of your past lives. The second way is by going to clairvoyants (this is not advised, as you should do your own homework). The third way is through the help of a past life regression therapist. We need to know why some things are happening to us and other things are not. These answers will come once you get to know your past lives.

When you enter an altered state of consciousness during a past life regression session, you do not experience a complete trance. Instead, you are entering a semi-trance state, in which the therapist is taking into your mother’s womb state, and from there, into your past lives. In past life regression, after seeing your past life, you go into a death state. After death states, you also experience the life-between-lives state, where you meet the Astral Masters who advise on your purpose of life, what you should be doing, how to choose your parents etc.

Some people are not able to regress into a past life. Each person has a purpose — some people need to know their past lives, other people don’t. You need to give it a try. Even if you do not see your past life during a regression session, you will benefit by experiencing a profound state of relaxation. Regression can even help you get rid of certain body ailments.

During the session, past lives can be accessed through three different modes: as visions, as emotions or as feelings. You can have an out-of-body experience, during which you will be able to travel across places and times (even into the future). Reading books gives you knowledge, but having a personal experience of a past life is a much more profound way of learning.

Spiritual Basis of Past-Life Regression

Past life regression helps remove all the unnecessary baggage which we keep carrying. We are all eternal beings. The eternal part of us is our Soul of Higher Self. In meditation we connect with the Higher Self. We all come from the same Source, which we refer to as God/Tao/All-That-Is. We are all connected. We are multi-dimensional beings with many levels of consciousness and awareness. We have different levels in our mind. The subconscious mind, the conscious mind and the super-conscious mind.

We are now moving towards the understanding that our external environment and circumstances simply reflect our inner state. We are beginning to realize that, to bring about change outside, we must first bring about change inside. Whatever happens outside, is nothing but a reflection of our energy inside. If you want peace outside, you need to be peaceful inside.

We are not bodies having Souls, but Souls manifesting in physical bodies that serve as vehicles for our Souls to navigate in the three-dimensional reality. We are more than just the physical body. Our multiple levels of consciousness, many ego-states and past lives constantly interact with each other to make our complete personality. Buddha examined the ignorant part of his past incarnations, in order to find out why he needed to take another birth. Through past life regression we can understand, for example, why we behave differently towards different people — what is the reason behind the inconsistencies in our behavior. We are a sum total of all the experiences and wisdom which we carry forward from our past lives. In other words, we are completely shaped by our past. Remember that we are nothing but pure consciousness.

Everything that we experience is recorded in our psyche exactly as we experience it. Therefore, every word is very important. Through deep meditation, or through past life regression, we can retrieve that information.

Every action has a corresponding reaction. Our past continuously interacts with, and affects our present. If someone is not treating us in the best way possible, it must be that sometime, in some past life, you haven’t treated that person properly. Denying this possibility is counterproductive.

The psyche operates in different dimensions of consciousness, independently and simultaneously. The psyche consists of the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the super-conscious mind. The problems and lifestyle patterns are replicated on many developmental levels. However, we can approach the resolution of these patterns in many ways and at different levels — by looking at our current life patterns, or by gaining insights about our peri-natal experience or by understanding our past-life experience. You can cut the repetitive pattern by going directly to the Source.

The Process of Past-Life Regression

Initially, in a past life regression session, the subject is taken into altered states of consciousness through various induction and bridge techniques. After reaching a satisfactory level of altered state of consciousness, the subject is regressed down to the in-utero state (when he/she was in the womb). During that state, the soul gets glimpses of past lives and inter-life states.

The younger the person, the easier is to access a past life. Beyond the age of 50, people find it harder to regress, since the mind gets more rigid. In altered state of consciousness, one can have an out-of-body experience. If you overcome the feeling of fear, in this state you can astral-travel through space and time.

Benefits of Past-Life Regression Therapy

Past-Life Regression Therapy offers multiple benefits. It helps you realize your true potential and bring our the hidden talents and creativity. You get to know you purpose of life, and you are empowered to start leading a happy and satisfying life. You get to know and heal the core issues in your mind, thereby coming out of all kinds of fears and phobias. You will also be able to come out of the feeling of victimhood and other subconscious beliefs programmed in your mind.

About the Speaker: Poornima Adithya is a senior meditator and Master, who has been a part of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) over the past 20 years. She is a certified Past Life Regression Therapist and Tarot cards reader. She has conducted numerous sessions in both India and UAE. She is a CEO of the Soul full Federation Trust.

You can watch the Masterclass session on the Science of Past Life Regression organized by Pyramid Valley International and conducted by Poornima Adithya here:

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