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The Power of the Mind: Where Thoughts Become Things

The first tenet of the science of manifestation says that thoughts become things. Skeptics often laugh it off by pointing toward some of the obvious limits of the power of thought — one can neither materialize objects out of thin air, nor age reversely. These are but a couple of instances where thoughts alone do not suffice.

Between blind fate and a literal interpretation of this esoteric law, there is a 'vast middle ground.’ It is accessible to those who are ready to study the science of manifestation beyond the shallow, superficial approach. This ‘vast middle ground’ reconciles the hopes of two flocks of seekers — those who vehemently subscribe to the Law of Attraction, and those who do not dismiss it, but still hold in high regard the rational faculties of the mind. In that ‘vast middle ground’ the mind can exhibit its enormous creative power. One can tap into that field of possibilities using the findings of modern science. This approach of bringing the scientific method into the study of the evolution of human consciousness is just as much of a paradigm shift for spirituality, as it is for the scientific community.

Scientific evidence leads to demystification of the mind-to-matter principles. For example, string theory proposes that everything perceived as physical matter is, in fact, made up of energy strings of varying vibrational rates. The physician Larry Dossey distinguishes between ‘local mind’ (our limited or ordinary consciousness) and ‘nonlocal mind’ (the larger, universal consciousness). Nobel laureates, including Albert Einstein and Eugene Wigner, have recognized that the human sense of isolation and separateness is a mere illusion, and that consciousness is the ultimate reality. The interaction between the human consciousness and the energy of the universe is often used to explain synchronicity, the phenomenon when a large number of unlikely events converge to produce something extraordinary.

In his book ‘Mind to Matter,’ Dawson Church highlights a number of important messages:

• We are potent creators who can turn thoughts into things

• The mind is a creative tool which helps us manifest our reality

• Changing our mind leads to changing our material reality

• Our brain is constantly rewiring itself

• By thinking nurturing throughs, we can nudge the reality to unfold in the direction of our dreams and desires

• By aligning our ‘local mind’ to the ‘nonlocal mind,’ we can create for ourselves a reality more abundant than anything we have ever imagined.

Those who learn the tools and techniques of turning thoughts into things in a systematic and deliberate manner, become masters of manifestation. They understand the extraordinary creative power of their mind, the flow of information from the local to the universal field, and the biological mechanisms which link their consciousness to the material reality.

~Based on the book ‘Mind to Matter’ by Dawson Church~

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