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You can Program your Future

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The Unlimited Quantum Energy Field of Possibilities

The modern science of quantum physics help us understand the metaphysical concepts of manifestation. We are, fundamentally, energy. If we can be that energy, think that energy and feel that energy, then we can manifest much faster. We are beings of unlimited potential and infinite consciousness. Rather than striving to always do something physically, we are in a state from where we create through dreams and visualization.

At energy level, we are all one. It is only at the level of matter that we experience separateness. At subatomic level, everything is both wave and particle. In a particular space and time, the process of observation ‘fuses’ energy-waves into matter. Therefore, manifestation requires being in the present moment, tuning into the quantum field of infinite potentials, elevating our thoughts and feelings, setting a goal and, finally, be committed to the process of self-transformation.

The Infinite Potential of the Human Brain

Our brain is miraculous; it contains billions of neurons and makes trillions of connections. Each neuron can store large amount of data, and can connect to up to 100,000 of other neurons. Every time we experience something, a set of neural connections is formed. Through repetition, more neural connections are formed, adjacent to the initially established cluster of connections. Cells that fire together wire together.

And yet, astonishing 95 percent of all our thoughts are repetitive, while 80 percent of them are negative. Such thoughts drain our energy and lower our focus. Our thoughts produce neurotransmitters that drive feelings in the body. In turn, the feelings drive more thoughts of the same nature. To succeed in manifestation, it is necessary to understand this thinking-feeling loop, and get rid of limiting thoughts. In order to achieve this, we need to also understand the role played by our memory.

Our experiences are recorded into the form of a strong, powerful memory. By reliving traumatic experiences, we are wiring our brain strongly around the experience of loss, sorrow and suffering. This, in turn, causes a knee-jerk reaction in the presence of stimuli. Reliving our past holds us back — it does not support our aspirations about the future.

Daring to Change and Try Something New

When you are not inclined towards trying something new, you lose an opportunity to welcome a new set of possibilities coming into your life. On the other hand, the massive repetitiveness which is present in our life needs to be carefully observed and changed, lest we manifest more of the same things. We do not want to strengthen that, which does not support our growth. Reliving negative past experiences invites more of it into our life.

Our thoughts and beliefs shape our habits, perception and personality. We need to drop disastrous and negative thoughts and replace them/ transform them/ elevate them into positive or miraculous thoughts. We also need to become aware of the huge role that social conditioning has played in defining our personality. In order to change our outer reality, it is necessary to change our personality through reprogramming our limited beliefs.

Change is messy, confusing and difficult, especially in the initial days. Yet the process is worth it. To break from the repetitiveness of our past, we need to trust the process and remain committed to it.

No thing as Fate

The Intelligence of the Quantum Field is called Quantum Consciousness. It is always making decisions at the right time and at the right place. By being in the Quantum Field through meditation, we can receive information, insights and assistance from this Intelligence, which is Infinite in nature. Where attention goes, energy flows. Therefore, once a clarity of goal and vision is there, we need to stay focused on them, through visualization and dreaming.

Once you understand the principles of quantum science, it becomes clear that there is no such thing as fate. The design is something that we create. As an individual consciousness, we come with a plan and a purpose. Our goal setting happens in alignment with this greater plan. This alignment is best done when we listen to our feelings, and our insights are then recorded on a vision board. This needs to be done with a sense of urgency, as if we can no longer afford to waste a single day of our life.


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